Thursday, November 10, 2011

March - August, 2007: look in

This is the first comic I pulled together last year, gathering a series of non-narrative, semi-abstract/energy based comics. You can view/download the zoom-able .pdf here if you'd like to look closer: look in Thanks for looking :)

You know, there is still some tension around the idea of sharing this kind of work. Perhaps the lack of words makes this project seem a little less personal, and a more comfortable project to begin with. In any case, here goes!
"And WORDS, even these like boxes seem so destructive and futile at times! if instead of seeking FORM I truly opened myself to EMPTINESS might I become permeable, porous, at ONE with that perfect vibrating Negative Space?" 

**Between these two pages, the style changes a lot. I don't remember the exact date, but maybe 7.12 I went to see John Porcellino give a talk in Denver at the Double Daughters Tavern. I was totally inspired, and the next page I drew... I don't know, looks a lot more complex and interesting to me!

**In the print and .pdf version, there are two more pages here, tho' usually when I look through this, this page seems like the natural end. The following pages are a sort of afterword/reflection on how the drawing process helps me, well, cultivate self awareness(?), something... and then, the typewriter page was/is the back cover, and an example of the narrative comics I was drawing at the time.

Well, yes, I am proud of myself for thinking of this stylized perspective, and yes, you can beg, borrow, and steal this idea for your own comics, as long as you send me $500 US, non-sequential, and a full collection of the Harry Potter DVDs. XO

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