Friday, November 11, 2011

introducing Jambie

Jambie was inspired by the drawing style and sillyness of a 5th grade Somalian refugee from my first year of teaching. Around this time, the winter was breaking, and the promise of summer meant I had almost survived a year of elementary school. With a set of new pens and markers to experiment w/, it was a spring awakening! (yep, that's the .pdf) Enjoy :)

 It's true, I had been dialoguing with the fruit flies in my house, taking great pride in naming each one :)

I had woken up from a long after school nap, and wandered out of my Wash Park apartment into a strange and whimsical twilight. My phone rang...

It sounded like a fake call, but it was not. 4 season passes to Winter Park/Copper Mtn., worth basically nothing to me, since I gave them away... but reported on my taxes as about $5,000 worth of income (which was a mistake by the prize company, which tagged me w/ the value of all prizes given away in the whole sweepstake).

It was NOT only a dream! Which I was reminded of when I ended up paying about $1,000 in taxes, instead of receiving a $1,000 refund. Be careful what prizes you accept!!! And be kind to your Gnats, they can be great guides in times of solitary confinement. More Jambie to come. Take care :)

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