Sunday, November 13, 2011

fat kid kickball, 9/7/10-4/8/11

So, "fat kid kickball" was a picture book a 4th grader wrote at home and brought to school. I told him the title was inappropriate... but I wasn't sure. To make amens I drew this version of his kickball character and gave him a copy. Anyhow, these are a few pages from that time, where the drawing style took another turn, yet again. The pdf is here!

Friday, November 11, 2011

introducing Jambie

Jambie was inspired by the drawing style and sillyness of a 5th grade Somalian refugee from my first year of teaching. Around this time, the winter was breaking, and the promise of summer meant I had almost survived a year of elementary school. With a set of new pens and markers to experiment w/, it was a spring awakening! (yep, that's the .pdf) Enjoy :)

 It's true, I had been dialoguing with the fruit flies in my house, taking great pride in naming each one :)

I had woken up from a long after school nap, and wandered out of my Wash Park apartment into a strange and whimsical twilight. My phone rang...

It sounded like a fake call, but it was not. 4 season passes to Winter Park/Copper Mtn., worth basically nothing to me, since I gave them away... but reported on my taxes as about $5,000 worth of income (which was a mistake by the prize company, which tagged me w/ the value of all prizes given away in the whole sweepstake).

It was NOT only a dream! Which I was reminded of when I ended up paying about $1,000 in taxes, instead of receiving a $1,000 refund. Be careful what prizes you accept!!! And be kind to your Gnats, they can be great guides in times of solitary confinement. More Jambie to come. Take care :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

March - August, 2007: look in

This is the first comic I pulled together last year, gathering a series of non-narrative, semi-abstract/energy based comics. You can view/download the zoom-able .pdf here if you'd like to look closer: look in Thanks for looking :)

You know, there is still some tension around the idea of sharing this kind of work. Perhaps the lack of words makes this project seem a little less personal, and a more comfortable project to begin with. In any case, here goes!
"And WORDS, even these like boxes seem so destructive and futile at times! if instead of seeking FORM I truly opened myself to EMPTINESS might I become permeable, porous, at ONE with that perfect vibrating Negative Space?" 

**Between these two pages, the style changes a lot. I don't remember the exact date, but maybe 7.12 I went to see John Porcellino give a talk in Denver at the Double Daughters Tavern. I was totally inspired, and the next page I drew... I don't know, looks a lot more complex and interesting to me!

**In the print and .pdf version, there are two more pages here, tho' usually when I look through this, this page seems like the natural end. The following pages are a sort of afterword/reflection on how the drawing process helps me, well, cultivate self awareness(?), something... and then, the typewriter page was/is the back cover, and an example of the narrative comics I was drawing at the time.

Well, yes, I am proud of myself for thinking of this stylized perspective, and yes, you can beg, borrow, and steal this idea for your own comics, as long as you send me $500 US, non-sequential, and a full collection of the Harry Potter DVDs. XO

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a foreword

Last night I dreamt
I was on a passenger train
with my students.

We were headed somewhere
far away. But instead of
going there

our train was circling
around one city over and
over again-- 20 times.
Later in the dream someone
was talking about books of
poems, and I asked them:


"Do you mean
The book with the Butterfly
on the cover..."

"The book about the train
that circles the same city
20-times on the way to
somewhere far away?"

They said "No," and I tried to explain the significance and poetry of the train's orbit and our lives' repetitions...